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    Over the coming years Ismail worked with a number of remittance businesses as well as international policy makers.

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    And because we understand the importance of staying connected, Nimble enables people to send mobile airtime top-ups.

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    Millions of us now rely on Mobile Money services instead of bank accounts, so we offer transfers directly to them.

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Job Finding

No, we don't look for and apply for positions on behalf of candidates or applicants. We provide you with job information, services, and tools on a daily basis to help you succeed in your job search; however, we expect you to apply for jobs when you see a suitable opening.
We are proud of the fact that the scam job rate on Myjobs is less than 0.3 percent. As a result, job seekers and employers alike tend to use our website. We also need you to be able to recognize a work that is a scam. All of these posts can be found on our website.
Yes, as not all jobs on Myjobs require that you have an account before you see the application details. However, setting up a profile on Myjobs gives you more privilege than if you do not have an account.  
As many as you think are suitable, but we recommend that you make sure you are qualified for the position before applying.
It's easy to find jobs on Myjobs. Search by keyword, organization, work area, or title in our search bar. We also have personalized filters to help you find what you're looking for while using the search tool.
If you're applying for jobs and getting no responses, double-check that you're applying for the right position.
Since Myjobs is a recruiting firm, we sometimes hire candidates whose profiles already exist in our database. You won't miss out on future opportunities if you keep your profile up to date.
On the website, you will find the most recent job in two ways. You will find them on the home page at https://myjobs.com.ng/ or by going to https://myjobs.com.ng/jobs. However, the search filter can be used to get a more personalized result.
If a recruiter has reviewed your application and determined that you are a good fit, they will contact you and notify you of the next steps in the process. If you haven't had any feedback on your job application, you should speak with a career coach.

Resume Writing

Our CV writer will contact you using the contact details you provided after you send your request. Following that, you can contact the writer at the same phone number.
No, we do not have free CV reviews. You can, however, generate a CV template using our CV builder. To access this feature you must create an applicant account using this link   https://myjobs.com.ng/applicants/signup/
The cost of our CV writing service is determined by your level of expertise and whether or not you add additional services. Visit https://myjobs.com.ng/cv-rewrite/ to find out how much a CV writing service costs.
To get started follow the link and select a rewrite service  https://myjobs.com.ng/rewrite-services/
If you've found that you're not getting invitations for job interviews after submitting your CV, or if you haven't updated your CV in over a year, it's time to consider hiring a competent CV writer to rewrite your CV.
Our resume writing services are provided by professionals with a variety of backgrounds. They're all SHRM-certified HR professionals.
No, our CV writing service does not guarantee that you will be hired. However, we can confidently claim that for the vast majority of people we've assisted in rewriting their CV, it has boosted their chances of being called for work interviews.
No, we do not assist with CV submission after they have been written. We recommend that you look through our job listings and apply directly to the company if you find a position that interests you.
A professional CV writer is an in-depth expert who will assist you in identifying the main accomplishments and abilities that you can include on your CV, as well as determining what makes you stand out from other candidates.

General Inquiries

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